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1969 124 Coupe Sovren Vintage Race Car


As it looks currently. This was taken at Pacific Raceways 2005 race season.


This was one of the most involved projects we have done, a ground up restoration of both the body and everything mechanical.

This car was originally raced back in the 80's by one of our employees (Dave Gossler). When a customer offered to sell us his car, we purchased it and donated it to the cause as a production class race car.


Dave and Steve Ambrose with the infamous 128 (cheapest race car ever)


After some great seasons of racing, a few paint jobs and many years of being moved and stored, she ended up being gifted back to us rather than be scrapped. This is what she looked like in 2004



Since we are involved with Vintage racing (after all they ARE the same cars we used to race), we thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to put it back on the track?"

We really did not know what we were in for!

They say pictures are worth more than words, so here are a few that help document the journey of both thousands of hours of labor and also thousands of dollars!

A little unorganized, but you get the idea:



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