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High Performance Cylinder Heads for street & race use (even a "Stock" head gets a "Performance" valve grind.)

Shown above is OEM prior to porting. Porting and matching improves airflow throughout the RPM range dramatically over Factory.


Head shown above has  been ported, 4 angle cut on the intake seats, 2 angle cut on the valve, swirl polished with Stainless Steel valves.


Exhaust valve seats have been cut with three angles with 2 angle cut on valves (margin optimized for application).


All gasket surfaces re-machined, all bearing surfaces honed, cam followers polished, repair of stripped bolt holes with steel inserts, spark plugs threads repaired with steel inserts, all thread holes chased and re-tapped.


Valve guides replaced/resized as required, valve tips ground to optimal adjusting-shim size (that can be adjusted now and down the road).


Valve springs tested - good to 7,500 RPM (optional high performance springs available for increased RPM and durability), after cleaning exposed surfaces coated with paint for appearance and corrosion resistance.

Gaskets and manifolds pin-located to head to properly align gaskets.


High performance springs